Anonymous asked: i just don't have the money to live in usa and idk how to get a work there. i'm thinking in have a degree in something, have my money and then try being an actor and director but idk. it feels all weird. i really want my dream but i lost the hope.

Well I think you should get enough money together and move out to the US. Once you get here you can figure more out. I don’t think you should ever let anything stand in the way of your dreams.

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Lil bit a Janis at last night’s shoot (x)

   Anonymous asked: do you study music or movies? i always wanted to be an actor, director and writer in usa but i don't have the money and my mom doesn't support me at all. it's really hurts :(

I went to a performing arts high school so I studied them more there. Right now my major is psychology but I still do stuff with movies and music. I was actually invited to voice a couple of characters in a new Pixar movie so I’m going to get there and do that soon. I’m sorry that your mom doesn’t support you. I say you should just go for it anyway. Who knows what can happen!?

lizgillz: Fun shooting with @gleam_melaniemills & @lisarosephoto last night. #sotan

gleam_melaniemills: Finished yesterday’s shoots with my favorite #muse @lizgillz nice video treat #BTS of our super sexy and #Gleamalicious look #Gleamy and #wet?! Kill me now 😘📷🎥💋


@matthbennett: Ariana can fit in the tiniest of places

Ariana Grande answering fan mail.

   Anonymous asked: do you like disney channel tv shows? which ones do you like?

I don’t watch Disney Channel, really. But my little sisters do and the one show I can actually sit and watch is Jessie.

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