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   Anonymous asked: what are some of your proofs to your theory?

Come off anon and we’ll talk. I just know this’ll get messy if I post them publicly.

   Anonymous asked: I don't know about you, but how come Liz has never mentioned or taken a picture or at least give some type of information on mike actually meeting her parents? Do you think they like him?

I don’t. I have an entire theory with examples/proof as to why, but of course I could be wrong.

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lizgillz: Lazy Sunday, Son.


the sass

   Anonymous asked: What are the main facts we need to know about Liz's boyfriend?

How am I supposed to know???

elizabethmcgillz replied to your post: anonymous said:selfieBleh fine.



   Anonymous asked: yes, you have to watch from the beginning. all seasons are good!

Okay I’ll get on that. Thank you for recommending it!

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